Chidi Igwe

Regina winters can be harsh, and efficient snow removal is essential for the safety and well-being of our residents. As your Councillor, I will advocate for a comprehensive snow removal strategy that prioritizes clear roads, accessible sidewalks, and efficient service delivery.

Here are my key priorities:

  • Improved Communication: Residents deserve to know when and how snow removal will take place. I will push for a more transparent communication system, including clear and up-to-date information on the City website, social media channels, and resident notifications before and during snow events.
  • Efficient Plowing Routes: I will work with the City to review and optimize snow plowing routes. This could involve prioritizing high-traffic areas, bus routes, and school zones while ensuring timely and thorough clearing of side streets.
  • Sidewalk Clearing: Safe and accessible sidewalks are essential for pedestrians during winter months. I will advocate for improved sidewalk clearing protocols, including earlier salting and more frequent plowing, particularly on main walkways and school routes.
  • Addressing Snow Ridges: Large snow piles left at the end of driveways can be a safety hazard and obstruct visibility. I will explore solutions for managing snow ridges, such as temporary storage sites or exploring the feasibility of snow removal by request (with associated costs).
  • Resident Engagement: I will hold open forums to gather resident feedback on snow removal challenges. This allows us to identify areas of concern and work together on solutions. Additionally, I will advocate for programs that support seniors and those with physical limitations who may struggle with snow removal on their properties.
  • Investing in Equipment: Properly maintained and efficient snow removal equipment is crucial. I will support efforts to ensure the City has the resources it needs to effectively manage snow throughout the winter season.
  • Collaboration is Key:  By working together with the City of Regina and residents, we can create a snow removal strategy that keeps our streets safe and accessible for everyone.

I encourage you to visit the City of Regina's website for current snow removal information. Sign up for City alerts to receive updates on snow removal operations: City of Regina website:

Contact me with any specific concerns or suggestions you may have.

Together, we can keep Regina moving during the winter months!