Chidi Igwe

Regina's residents deserve a safe, efficient, and accessible transportation network. As your Councillor, I will champion a multi-modal transportation plan that prioritizes safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, while offering residents a variety of ways to get around.

Here are my key priorities:

  • Road Maintenance and Safety: I will advocate for a comprehensive road maintenance plan that addresses potholes, cracks, and deteriorating infrastructure. This includes prioritizing high-traffic roads and ensuring timely repairs to maintain safe driving conditions. I will also support initiatives to improve traffic safety, such as better signage, crosswalk visibility improvements, and exploring traffic calming measures in high-collision areas.
  • Enhanced Public Transit: A strong public transit system is key to reducing traffic congestion and providing mobility options for all residents. I will fight for increased bus frequency, improved routes, and better connections to other areas of the city. Additionally, I will explore expanding alternative transit options, such as small electric buses or on-demand transit services, to address last-mile connectivity challenges.
  • Promoting Active Transportation: I will support initiatives that encourage residents to walk and cycle more often. This includes building and maintaining safe and well-connected sidewalks and bike lanes throughout Regina. I will also advocate for programs and infrastructure that promote active transportation, such as secure bike parking facilities and public education campaigns.
  • Resident Parking Solutions: Limited parking can be a challenge in some areas. I will work with residents and the City to explore solutions, such as permit parking programs, improved signage, and potentially investigating the feasibility of resident parking permit programs in high-demand areas (following careful resident consultation).
  • Addressing Traffic Congestion: Traffic congestion can be frustrating and time-consuming. I will work with the City to develop a data-driven approach to identify traffic bottlenecks. This could involve exploring synchronized traffic lights, optimizing traffic flow patterns, and encouraging carpooling initiatives.
  • Public Engagement: I will hold regular ward meetings to discuss transportation concerns and keep residents informed about ongoing projects and proposed improvements.
  • Building a Sustainable Transportation Future:  By investing in a multi-modal transportation network, we can create a Regina that is safer, more accessible, and more environmentally friendly. This will benefit residents, businesses, and our environment alike.

I encourage you to visit the City of Regina's website for current traffic information.

Sign up for City alerts to receive updates on road closures and construction. 

Contact me with any specific concerns or suggestions you may have.

Together, we can build a transportation network that works for residents!