Chidi Igwe

Regina's population is growing and changing, and we need a housing market that reflects that diversity. As your Councillor, I will champion policies that promote a wider range of housing options to meet the needs of all residents, at every stage of life.

Here are my key priorities:

  • Supporting "Missing Middle" Housing: Single-family homes and high-rise apartments aren't the only options. I will advocate for zoning changes and development incentives to encourage the construction of "missing middle" housing types. This includes duplexes, townhouses, garden suites, and courtyard apartments. These options provide more variety, affordability, and walkable communities.
  • Promoting Affordable Housing Initiatives: I will work with developers, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders to create more affordable housing units. This could involve inclusionary zoning (where a percentage of new developments are designated as affordable), incentives for developers who build affordable units, or exploring opportunities for city-led affordable housing projects.

    Chidi Igwe

  • Accessibility and Universal Design: I will ensure new housing developments incorporate accessibility features and consider principles of universal design. This creates homes that are livable for everyone, regardless of age or ability.
  • Protecting Existing Affordable Housing: Regina's existing affordable housing stock is vital. I will fight against the demolition or conversion of rent-controlled units and explore ways to preserve and improve these valuable resources.
  • Transit-Oriented Development: I will support development that prioritizes proximity to public transportation. This gives residents more housing options while reducing reliance on cars and promoting a more sustainable city.
  • Community Engagement: I will hold open forums and workshops to gather resident input on housing needs and preferences. This collaborative approach ensures new housing developments reflect the desires of the community.
  • Building a Strong and Inclusive Ward:  By providing a wider variety of housing options, we can create a Regina that is welcoming to everyone, from young families to seniors, working professionals, and those on fixed incomes. This diversity strengthens our community and fosters a vibrant and inclusive environment.

Visit the City of Regina website to learn more about housing programs. I will work tirelessly to ensure that residents have access to safe, secure, and affordable housing.

Contact me with any specific concerns or suggestions you may have.

Let's build a Regina where everyone has a place to call home!