Chidi Igwe

As your Councillor, I am committed to ensuring that Ward 2 is a community where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can live, work, and thrive. Accessibility is not just a matter of compliance but a fundamental right that enhances the quality of life for all residents. By promoting accessibility, we create a more inclusive, welcoming, and equitable community.

Key Priorities for Accessibility in Ward 2:

  • Inclusive Infrastructure: I will advocate for the design and implementation of public spaces and infrastructure that are accessible to everyone. This includes ensuring that sidewalks, parks, public buildings, and recreational facilities meet the highest standards of accessibility.
  • Universal Design in Housing: I will work to incorporate principles of universal design in new housing developments. This approach ensures that homes are functional for people of all ages and abilities, promoting independence and inclusion.
  • Accessible Public Transportation: I will support initiatives that enhance the accessibility of public transportation. This includes ensuring that buses, transit stops, and pathways are designed to accommodate all residents, including those with disabilities.
  • Community Engagement: I will actively engage with residents to understand their accessibility needs and priorities. By holding forums and workshops, I will ensure that the voices of people with disabilities are heard and integrated into city planning and decision-making processes.
  • Enhanced Services and Programs: I will advocate for the expansion of services and programs that support individuals with disabilities. This includes access to assistive technologies, support services, and recreational programs tailored to their needs.
  • Employment Opportunities: I will work to create inclusive employment opportunities within the city, ensuring that people with disabilities have equal access to jobs and career advancement. This includes promoting workplace accommodations and fostering a culture of inclusivity.
  • Awareness and Education: I will promote awareness and education around accessibility issues. By working with local organizations and schools, we can build a community that values and understands the importance of accessibility.
  • Emergency Preparedness: I will ensure that emergency response plans are inclusive and consider the needs of people with disabilities. This includes accessible communication strategies and evacuation plans.
  • Advocacy and Policy: I will advocate for policies at the municipal level that prioritize accessibility. This includes pushing for stronger building codes, enforcement of accessibility standards, and funding for accessibility improvements.

Why It Matters:

By prioritizing accessibility, we are not only enhancing the quality of life for residents with disabilities but also creating a community that values diversity and inclusivity. An accessible Ward 2 is a stronger, more connected, and more resilient community.

Together, we can build a Ward 2 where everyone has the opportunity to participate fully in community life. Let's make accessibility a cornerstone of our future.