Chidi Igwe

We are dedicated to transforming our city into one focused on service and performance excellence. This transformation is designed to build trust among residents by continuously improving service delivery, strengthening workplace culture, achieving long-term financial sustainability, making data-driven decisions, and ultimately achieving Mission Zero.

Key priorities for our campaign in Ward 2 include:

  • Improving service delivery to residents in Ward 2 by implementing efficient and effective processes.
  • Strengthening the workplace culture within the city to ensure that employees are motivated and empowered to deliver high-quality services to Ward 2 residents.
  • Achieving long-term financial sustainability to ensure that the city can continue to provide essential services to Ward 2 residents in a cost-effective manner.
  • Making data-driven decisions to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of Ward 2 residents.
  • Ultimately achieving Mission Zero, which is our commitment to zero harm to people, assets, and the environment.

Key investments in the 2024 Budget that will benefit Ward 2 include:

  • $840,000 for a Procurement Software System to streamline procurement processes and improve efficiency in Ward 2.
  • $300,000 for a Work and Asset Management System to better manage and maintain city assets in Ward 2.
  • $412,000 for a Customer Relationship Management Software to improve communication and engagement with Ward 2 residents.

By focusing on these priorities and investments, we aim to promote operational excellence in Ward 2 and ensure that residents receive the high-quality services they deserve. 

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