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Social Services Enhances Services and Partnerships to Support People with Intellectual Disabilities

Social Services Enhances Services and Partnerships to Support People with Intellectual Disabilities

The Government of Saskatchewan is providing an additional $15.25 million in the 2023-24 provincial budget to better support clients with intellectual disabilities and increase funding to community partners that work with these clients.

"The diverse services the Ministry of Social Services provides are made possible through the partnerships we have developed with service providers and caregivers across the province," Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky said. "This year's budget recognizes the importance of these partnerships through increased funding that will help our partners meet the needs of the people we jointly serve."

In 2023-24, the ministry will provide an additional $7.7 million to service providers that work with people with intellectual disabilities, and an increase of $850,000 to approved private service homes that care for people with mental health challenges or intellectual disabilities. 

Overall in the coming year, the ministry will contract with community partners that support people with intellectual disabilities, for an estimated total funding of $271 million. This is an increase of over $14 million from 2022-23.

"I am delighted to see our provincial government is increasing their commitment to the wellbeing of people with disabilities in Saskatchewan," Multiworks Vocational Training Corporation Executive Director Dave Thickett said. "By continuing to work toward maintaining and improving the needs of these most vulnerable individuals in our province, it shows they are a valued part of our communities. The growing needs across the province, particularly through our northern communities, will require the continued working relationships between our community-based agencies and our provincial government. I feel very positive about the future for people with disabilities we are building together."

"Plus Industries in Melfort commends the Provincial Government on their continued commitment to the disability sector in Saskatchewan," Plus Industries Chairperson Jim Morrison said. "Plus Industries, along with many other community-based organizations throughout Saskatchewan, provide person-centred support and care to people experiencing disability. We look forward to working with Minister Makowsky, and his colleagues in government, on initiatives that ensure that the people we are entrusted to, have access to the services they require and are treated equitably and fairly.  Proactive and purposeful investments, now and into the future, are essential components in ensuring that the services being provided are high quality, professional, sustainable, safe, and responsive to the needs of the people we support."

In addition to the funding to community-based service providers, the ministry is providing an additional $6.7 million to support services to new clients, emerging needs for current clients and enhancements to existing services for people with intellectual disabilities.

"Our government's increased investment to meet the evolving needs of clients supports our goal of building strong, inclusive communities for people with disabilities," Makowsky said.

Government supports for people with disabilities has increased by $502 million, or 234 per cent, since 2007.