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Environment Budget Balances Stewardship and Economic Growth

The Ministry of Environment's 2023-24 Budget will continue to protect Saskatchewan's natural environment, while ensuring sustainable economic activity in the province. 

"Our government takes our role as stewards of the environment very seriously," Environment Minister Dana Skoropad said. "The investments we're making this year will allow the ministry to continue to protect our environment and the people who call it home, while still making Saskatchewan an attractive place to invest and conduct business."

In 2023-24, the Ministry of Environment's budget will increase 2.9 per cent to $95.3 million to help support investments in the ministry's mandate of environmental protection, sustainable resource management and continue to make the province more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

These include:

Abandoned mines

With the remediation work on the Newcor mine southwest of Creighton now complete, the ministry will undertake post-remediation monitoring and maintenance at the abandoned mine site. The work will help fulfill the Government of Saskatchewan's commitment to ensure abandoned mines no longer pose risks to the public and environment.

Support for sustainable mineral exploration

A review of business processes will be undertaken to identify opportunities to support sustainable mineral exploration in Saskatchewan. This includes identifying resources to enable increased investment in the province, encourage consultation and engagement with stakeholders and improve project development timelines in the mineral sector.

Management of solid waste

The ministry will continue to make progress on the commitments outlined in the Solid Waste Management Strategy. This includes the implementation of new Saskatchewan Environmental Code chapters for transfer stations and compost facilities to reduce the time spent on permitting and reporting, as well as provide flexibility in achieving environmental compliance. 

Output-Based Performance Standards Program

This made-in-Saskatchewan program will replace the federally imposed carbon tax on industrial emitters in the province, saving industries in the province (and the jobs and families they support) an estimated $3.7 billion in federal carbon taxes between now and 2030. In 2023, the ministry will finalize and streamline the regulations and standards, as well as continue to expand the program.

New hunting opportunity

The ministry will introduce a new wolf hunting licence as an add-on to the non-resident outfitter big game hunting licence to help support the industry. The new licence will come into effect on September 1, 2023 and will provide greater opportunities for Saskatchewan outfitters.

"These initiatives and others that the Ministry of Environment will implement in 2023-24 impact a wide range of environmental priorities," Skoropad said. "They balance the need to conserve and protect our resources, while supporting investment in our provincial economy."