By Chidi Igwe
Chidi Igwe

Saskatchewan students can expect more stable classroom resources after the provincial government and the Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA) signed a multi-year funding agreement.

This deal guarantees a minimum of $356.6 million annually for the next four years specifically for classroom supports. It also includes increased investment in youth mental health resources. This funding represents the largest increase in school operating funds in Saskatchewan history, totaling $180 million.

"This agreement is a signed commitment to ensure our classrooms have the resources they need," said Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill. "We urge the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation to end their job action and return to bargaining so students can get back to school."

The SSBA President, Jaimie Smith-Windsor, highlighted the importance of collaboration. "This agreement allows school boards to work directly with teachers, staff, and families to address local needs."

This partnership signifies a new era of cooperation between the government and school boards. It prioritizes stable funding, empowers local decision-making, and strengthens relationships to benefit students across Saskatchewan.