By Chidi Igwe
Chidi Igwe

The City of Regina's water meter upgrade project is moving forward! Residents in Ward 3 can expect to receive a letter from the city followed by information from Neptune Technology Group, the contractor, about scheduling a free appointment to upgrade their water meter.

This project is already over halfway complete, with more than 40,000 meters installed across Regina. The new meters offer several benefits:

  • Track your water use: You'll be able to easily monitor your household's water consumption online, helping you identify leaks and conserve water.
  • Save money: By understanding your water use, you can take steps to reduce your consumption and potentially lower your water bill.
  • Get alerts: The new system will provide electronic notifications about planned water outages and high water usage, so you can be prepared and address potential leaks promptly.
  • Environmental benefits: Eliminating meter-reading vehicles will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 10 tonnes per year.

For more information on the project and to learn how to schedule your meter upgrade, visit